April 1, 2016

Government plans for Digital Health

Talking Medicines are part of a growing move toward managing digital health through innovation. This is in line with today’s Government framework for action.
Digital Health in the NHS.  Talking Medicines are part of a growing movement toward managing health through new and innovative digital health solutions. The news from the Government is very welcomed in supporting digital health innovation used in the medical arena in a responsible and correct way.
The Government outlines how the NHS intend to make saving with a blueprint for digital innovation. The Health Secretary said that:  “Given that much information saves money as well as lives, we need to change the NHS from a lumberingly slow adopter of new technology to a world class showcase of what innovation can achieve.”
In all walks of life from mobile banking, booking short trips or online shopping, digital solutions have improved customer service and lowered costs. When online banking started back in 1998 people were distrustful, now around 22 million adults use it.  The NHS now has an opportunity to change the way that health information is held, and controlling access to it.  The Personalised Health and Care 2020 paper sets out the vision for the future.
Talking Medicines offer a bespoke solutions to allow Pharma Companies and Pharmacies to talk directly to clients to manage their own condition by adhering to instructions post prescription, directly from packaging.
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