July 3, 2016

Text messaging for engagement

digital patient
Engagement is key in patient self help and we promote the use of text messaging, notifications and 2 way SMS within our digital platforms.
Engagement is key in patient self help and we promote the use of text messaging, notifications and 2 way SMS within our bespoke digital platforms.  There is some good food for thought within this blog post.
Interactivity is a crucial factor in patient engagement because it facilitates the back and forth exchange that patients need in order to stay consistently engaged in healthy regular routines. Healthcare providers and patients have traditionally operated in separate spheres, making it inconvenient for the two parties to interact with each other clearly and regularly. Outside of an appointment, patients must go often through several people and time-consuming processes to speak with their doctor. Text messaging breaks down these barriers and creates a bridge for direct and open dialogue between patients and healthcare providers.
  • Information capture is simple and convenient with text messaging:
By creating automated conversations, patients can answer questions and provide personal information on their own time. The data is automatically saved onto each patient’s profile, which eliminates the need for paper forms or Internet access and reduces the likelihood of lost information and human entry errors.
  • Polls, games, and quizzes make regular interactions more engaging:
People don’t like to spend a lot of time answering questions, so a text message is the perfect way for patients to give feedback quickly and conveniently. Quizzes and games are also great ways to encourage younger patients to play an active role in their personal wellness.
  • Live SMS chats offer patients immediate assistance:
Remote healthcare assistance is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many people. Real-time text message conversations are one way healthcare organizations can offer this service while allowing patients to stay at home and/or remain anonymous. Text messaging is also more efficient than phone calls and creates a permanent record of all the information exchanged, which can be reviewed later if needed.


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