September 4, 2016

The importance of mobile in patient centric care

mhealth in Cancer supportive care
With the mobile smartphone being the most important change in the world since the creation of the internet and its huge influence on the personal lives of their owners, today’s patients are the most empowered and experienced consumers sitting on answers at their fingertips.
Patient engagement is the driving force behind the growth of mobile health as the individuals’ needs to have quick access to their personal health stem from the easy access to information available in mobile form. We are therefore witnessing health practitioners’ shift in providing ‘sick care’ to using data gathered and made available by the patient to provide easy and personalised care.
“Personalized mobile isn’t limited to consumers. Healthcare providers can utilize mhealth technology to increase productivity, patient engagement and resources for healthcare professionals, especially their field employees.” (Huffington Post, 2016)
With a worldwide commitment to improving patient engagement and the existing demand for patient empowerment, soon patient engagement will be a requirement and not just a strategy for added value. With the enormous potential for digital health to address all areas of healthcare not just patient engagement, digital health, and especially mobile health has the potential to truly change the way healthcare is conducted in the future.
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