May 2, 2017

Medsmart at the 8th Annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference

Health 2.0 Talking Medicines

At the 8th edition of Health 2.0 Europe held in Barcelona, we are excited to be presenting a live demo of the Medsmart App. Health 2.0 will bring together and showcase the latest innovations in health care including: consumer health, patient-provider communication and data analytics and so much more.

Dr Scott Crae MRCVS, co-founder of Talking Medicines will be there to present the Medsmart App. Medical Adherence rate across health conditions worldwide is at best 50%. The app has been created to improve medicine adherence. Many health consumers don’t know how to take their prescription medicine in the right way, duration and at the right time. The Medsmart app learns about users allergies, intolerance’s and potential interactions between medicines. The app makes it easy for you to control and manage your medicines by scanning the barcode and logging it into your medicine cabinet. Talking medicines have a big data analytics solution that provides trusted information out to consumers about their medicines whilst collecting back real world data about how medicines are actually used for healthcare stakeholders to access via a customized data portal.

With more live demos and workshops, Health 2.0 Europe is an event not to be missed. To keep up to date with Medsmart, follow us on Facebook and twitter.