May 10, 2017

Talking Medicines at EIE17

Approaching its 10th year, EIE17 was held in Edinburgh from the 10th – 11th of May 2017. EIE17 was a conference showcasing and connecting 60 of Scotland’s most dynamic high growth companies with customers, partners and investors. Along with 59 other companies presenting between 3.45-5.15 pm, Talking Medicines were one of only 12 companies presenting with an extended time slot. Along with Dr Scott Crae MRCVS, Talking Medicines directors Jo Halliday and Elizabeth Fairley were also in attendance. The Medsmart App was showcased by Scott in the last of the extended sessions in front of a sold out EIE17.

Why Medsmart?

In the UK alone, over 1 billion prescriptions per year are dispensed by the NHS with as many as 50% of the population on a prescription medicine at any time. A beautiful and engaging product, simplifying information about medicines in everyday language to empower the user.

An innovator in digital health, Talking medicines will revolutionise  Real World medicines data by empowering health consumers to take control of their medicines, and enabling transformational change to global healthcare. Promoting self management and addressing co-morbidity across medicines is a critical pain point to address. By doing this successfully through creating the “Go to” destination for consumers.

Medsmart learns about users allergies and intolerance’s and helps prevent avoidable trips to A&E or medicine wastage through better adherence to medicines. Medsmart is a free to download  app and is available on both Apple store and Google Play

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