January 4, 2018

Patient Bloggers

patient bloggers

Great to work with patient bloggers in the digital community who are able to relate to their own audiences in sharing experiences around their illness and medications. We are keen to listen to feedback from patients & reach out to talk about the role of the Medsmart App in managing medicines.

Here are highlights from two patient bloggers who have recently reviewed Medsmart on our behalf, great work from them both.

Amy Lee Fisher

Amy is a chronic illness  vlogger with a massive 27K followers on her You Tube channel.

Natasha Lipman

Natasha is also chronic illness blogger who writes regularly across social media with +3,000 followers on her Twitter page.

We asked Natasha to review Medsmart which she has published to her website and social media.

patient bloggers



We would love to hear from more Bloggers who would like to work with us.


Read more at Talking Medicines Health Blog.


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