April 27, 2018

Head of Sales for Medsmart® real world data

Nina leads the real world data sales team.

The Talking Medicines team are delighted to announce that Nina Lionaki has joined us. Nina joins as Head of Sales for our flagship Medsmart®  real world data product. She will be located in London giving the Company a base nearer to our clients, alongside our HQ in Glasgow.

Nina is looking to continue her successful career of over 20 years in sales and marketing in the Pharmaceutical industry. She has specialised in real world data and analytical service solutions driving commercial success. Nina will lead our commercial function, looking to develop relationships with Medsmart® customers through her expertise and understanding of the challenges facing marketing in Pharma Companies.

Talking Medicines is a healthtech Company who have launched a proprietary tool called Medsmart® that links the barcode on the packaging of 20,000 prescription & OTC medicines to trusted and interactive information about the medicine and how to take it. This tool is available as a free App to healthcare consumers who scan the barcode to help them manage their medicines and remember to take them as prescribed. Through Medsmart® we are able to collect and analyse patterns of behaviour around real world data on how medicines are actually taken in the real world from the users perspective. This data is of high value to brand marketing teams in Pharmaceutical Companies and available as a subscription service.  More details can be found here.

Welcome to the team Nina, we are very pleased to have you on board.