May 3, 2018

Patient centricity – being taken seriously?

Patient centric data from Medsmart

Patient centricity is a hot topic in the press. From reading this month’s PharmaTimes @PharmaTimes there was a really interesting introduction by the Editor and piece asking “… whether pharma is truly walking the patient centric walk despite years of talking the talk, and if not, what it can do to get there.” This emerging approach is the belief that the empowered patient is on the rise.

How is patient centricity defined? We at Talking Medicines @TMedicines @GoMedsmartfocus on listening to the needs of the consumers, which includes patients and their families, and our customers to what they want and what kinds of insight would be valuable. We have developed a tool called Medsmart® that has real value to consumers, HCPs and the pharmaceutical industry.

One area that we are keen to connect with are the key performance indicators to clearly show the importance and return on investment for companies to be patient centric. There are multiple routes here to explore – engaging with patients to gain insight for drug development at a clinical trial level, product or device development and, the area that Medsmart® primarily sits, how and what medicines patients are actually taking for their multiple health conditions. Medsmart® being a UK community based consumer insights tool gathers qualitative data that can be used by companies post-launch, in the early years to position and grow their market share of their products.

Talking Medicines is a data tech company that sells consumer medicines data for good to drive more effective use of medicines. We are keen to connect with the brand marketing leads within Pharmaceutical Companies to help them to explore the full potential of patient engagement through Medsmart®. Please get in touch with us if you would like to arrange a demo through [email protected] on insights data for the medicines that are of interest to you.


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