Unlocking Ambition award recognises Medsmart®
June 19, 2018

Talking Medicines, a Glasgow based data tech company providing real world medicines insight to Pharmaceutical Companies, are over the moon to have been awarded a place on the Unlocking Ambition program sponsored by the Scottish Government as part of the £4M fund created to support leading entrepreneurs in Scotland.

Our ambition has been recognised by this award, we aim to grow our proprietary tool Medsmart® into a globally recognised solution for linking patients to their medicines through scanning the barcode with the Medsmart® App to unlock curated content about your medicine(s). This benefits users in making it easier to keep a log and manage taking multiple medicines over time.   By using the App we are able to generate anonymous patterns of medicines usage that is of high value to Pharmaceutical companies to understand how medicines are consumed in real life.  This compliments the prescription data they already buy, driving forwards more effective medicines.

70%* of people are on a medicine at any one time and 50%* of people don’t take their medicines as prescribed, maybe because they simply forget or don’t understand what they are taking.  We aim to build a positive social impact through the use of Medsmart in addressing the issues of consumers needing support around their medicines after they have seen a health professional & in our digital age it is convenient to use an App for this.  Many people are already using Medsmart® to do so.

Jo Halliday, CEO, Talking Medicines said “We are very proud to have been selected for this award. We have worked hard as a team and recognition from a Scottish Government scheme is a great accolade for all involved in our business.  The financial support is welcomed however importantly the support & network that the program brings will help us strengthen our business & unlock the ambition which the scheme is designed for in delivering both commercial success along with social impact.”

The Unlocking Ambition Challenge is a £4 million fund created by the Scottish Government that will support entrepreneurs chosen for their individual potential, the quality of their ideas and the contribution they can make to the Scottish economy and wider society.

The first twenty candidates to receive Unlocking Ambition support were announced by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon while visiting Cumnock during a travelling cabinet to East Ayrshire. The group will receive support from Scottish Enterprise, a mentoring programme from Entrepreneurial Scotland, access to the GlobalScot network and help from the Scottish Investment Bank.

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To find out more about Medsmart please get in contact on 0141 352 9855

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