Bolder moves in Digital Health
September 13, 2018

Does there need to be bolder moves in digital health?

Big players are investing and developing solutions outside of the traditional pharma business model as changes in the healthcare ecosystem push innovation & change. There has been an ever increasing investment in/partnering on developing products in digital health. There are opportunities from both creating new digital services as well as gaining new digital insights. Despite these first steps with everyone moving in the same direction, is there a requirement to make bolder moves in digital health ? 

The rate of adoption of from both patients and healthcare providers makes technologies easier to adopt. According to the recent Deloitte research, 85% of UK adults have a smart phone. Apple say that on average we unlock our phones 80 times a day… not surprising that it is estimated that 46% of consumers are now considered active digital health adopters. These may be patients or healthcare consumers managing their therapy or medicine regime. Our own research showed 70% of people are on a medicine at any time; there is a great deal of opportunity for digital engagement. Looking at the potential for further digital health solutions from pharma to optimise this, aside from building in-house patient/consumer orientated service, there is an opportunity to dovetail with generating new insights.

Marketing and sales functions can be optimised through mining digital social analytics and real world insights around:

Patients pain points and the kind of outcomes they are looking for

Patient journeys outside the traditional HCP environment

Holistic view on medicines taken across brands

If the patient is staying on the right medicine(s),

Understanding trigger decision points in the patient journey

Collecting real world data insights can help optimise both patient and HCP engagement & the Medsmart® real world data collection tool will support in that.

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