September 21, 2018

Sponsored video content on Medsmart®

Linking video content on Medsmart

We are ready to link sponsored video content on the Medsmart® App. Audio visual content is a huge part of our daily lives, adults now watch on average 5 hours of AV content everyday (Ofcom 2018).  71% of this originated in broadcast and 58% was watched live on a TV set. Beyond broadcast content, YouTube accounts for the most minutes of AV content viewed per day – 29 minutes a day, compared with the 18 minutes watched on subscription video on demand (SVoD) services such as Netflix or NOW TV.  The younger audience – 16-34 year olds – are consuming a significantly larger proportion of content on YouTube – 59 minutes every day, 20% of all their AV consumption.

When it comes to patient support why would it be any different, consumers are looking for AV content to help them navigate?

The Medsmart® App connects the consumer to their medicine pack by scanning the barcode for trusted information about individual medicine packs.  Medsmart® supports patients in managing their own medicines in terms of keeping track on what they have been prescribed & prompts on when to take.  Education is also an important elements in patient support. Medsmart® has the capabilities of linking individual medicine packs to tailored video content either to support in explaining how the medicine works , or in giving instructions on how to use or how to take.  For companies who already have educational content, Medsmart® can be used as a platform to communicate with healthcare consumers.

Two types of conten videos linked to medicines within Medsmart

It is important to go beyond “blindly” pushing out content to be able to track the engagement and impact of educational messaging.  Both aspects can be tracked using Medsmart® insights to measure changes and impact over time.

We are market ready to link sponsored patient videos by medicine on Medsmart® & will track real world data against education, engagement and adherence. Please get in contact to find out more, Nina Lionaki, Head of Sales 0141 352 9855 or [email protected]




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