Connecting pharma company marketing execs to real world asthma patients
January 3, 2019

The Medsmart® App supports a high number of people who self report that they suffer from asthma. It offers marketing execs in Pharmaceutical Companies the opportunity to connect with real world asthma patients. Medsmart® works by connecting the patient to their medicine by scanning the barcode on a medicine to pre-populated information for that medicine.

How can Medsmart® play a role in empowering patients with asthma in primary care?

Medsmart® gives people taking any types of medicines a peace of mind because it helps them keep a record in one safe digital place. We see many users with 3+ medicines. 1 in 5 of our users record that they have asthma, however they may also be recording against other medicines and conditions at the same time. We can help empower patients by helping them take more control of their medicines regardless of what they are taking them for.

In asthma treatment there may be a variety of nurses/doctors/consultants involved. Patients being more aware of their own medicine regime can have many benefits. That may be through understanding & tracking allergies or thorough using reminders. By using the Medsmart® App users are helping us compile patterns of usage data. This gives valuable aggregated insight available to Pharma Co on how asthma medicines are taken often alongside other medicines in the real world. Data is tagged by many dimensions. This means that the segment can be broken down for example into severe vs mild asthma as indicated by medicines such as corticosteroid or by answers to deeper dive questions on attitudes toward asthma.

The asthma cohort in Medsmart® is dynamically growing

The cohort of Medsmart® users with asthma is growing & predicted to reach even higher penetration as the App grows in the 30K-50K UK App download bracket.

The cohort of asthma patients using Medsmart® is growing

A/B test your marketing ideas

If you can benefit from measuring your marketing to asthma patients then Medsmart® insights will be of interest. Alongside measuring the dynamics of the cohort you can also A/B test audiovisual educational content. See if content impacts upon behaviours or to ask for feedback/preferences to your own AV materials.

Medsmart® showing how to use an inhaler device

Get in contact

Talking Medicines work to the highest quality standards for customer compliance and data quality. Medsmart® is GDPR compliant. To find out more about accessing our asthma cohort get in touch with our Head of Sales – Nina Lionaki – 07840 052985 or email [email protected]

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