August 26, 2019

Patient, Patient, Patient !

At about this time of year the reflection begins for brand planning. Is patient centricity on your agenda? Do you have insight to stay relevant for your patients? Do you get patient input? Digital engagement? Innovation?

Medsmart® is an innovative digital tool that already successfully engages directly with patients to create a structured database measuring real world usage, and gauging the patient voice through social analytics across 25K UK community medicines.

Talking Medicines put the patient at the centre of everything we do. The free Medsmart® App already engages with thousands of UK individuals to help them manage their own medicines.Through scanning the barcode on their medicine users can access safe information to help them take control of taking their medicines as prescribed. This engagement creates a structured data pool that is available to brand teams in Pharmaceutical Companies to use as an insight resource to support their strategic and tactical activities. The patient voice is on the rise and is an important element in the value chain in understanding their needs and wants.

What happens when the patient leaves the pharmacy? Which medicines do they take? When do they take them? Why do they think they take them? Does educational support work? What are they saying online? Do they switch medicines? Segmentation of persona types?

Decoding real world patient behaviours from the Medsmart® social community for your medicines will drive your own patient centricity. Talking Medicines currently work across Pharmaceutical Companies through annual subscriptions to provide longitudinal insight data presented to clients within a Power BI portal. Quality & compliance are key to us in partnering & we work openly. Your ROI will come from the questions that you want to understand or the behaviours that you want to observe to help you drive more effective medicines.

When it comes to brand planning take the time to see how Medsmart® can support your patient insight.

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