November 10, 2019

Ways to get smarter about taking Antibiotics


Some things that you may not know about antibiotics awareness.  We want to help you get smarter about Antibiotics through thinking about how & when you take them.

  • One in Five people do not take all their medicine. Many drugs have to be maintained at fairly constant levels to maximise protection against illness. If not, symptoms can be poorly controlled and complications set in – sometime life-threatening’.
  • Most patients simply Forget. Up to 2/3 of people admit to missing doses simply by forgetting. It can be hard to remember, particularly if taking multiple medications for different conditions.  Try using Apps like Medsmart on iOS or Android to help you remember to take your medicines.
  • One quarter fear side effects. One in four deliberately chose not to take a medicine dose because they suffered side effects or felt ill when they took them.  Always ask your healthcare professional if you are concerned.
  • One in three throw medicines away. Some confess to flushing unwanted pills down the toilet, however they may contaminate our water ways and affect our land, harming fish stock, livestock, or even contributing to antimicrobial resistance. There are safe ways to dispose of your medicines through your Pharmacy.
  • Some give them to other people. Around 6% said they gave unused or old medicines to someone they knew. There are dangers in giving prescription drugs to others without a doctor’s consent, your medicines are for you only.We are supporting Antibiotics Awareness Day on 18th November, we hope you have a couple of minutes to watch our short video about how to get smarter about Antibiotics.  Watch it here on You Tube.



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