February 25, 2020

How we can help you connect with patients at risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that hinders the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin. This results in high blood sugars that can result in serious implications for an individuals health. In the UK, we are seeing more and more instances of this disease (type two) as a result of the ongoing obsesity crisis.

So how can we prevent more and more people from getting diabetes? The best way of changing this is to look at the at risk groups for diabetes. There are many groups that fall into this bracket… For example, those with high blood pressure, with a family history of diabetes or suffering from depression. If these patients are targeted, educated and treated the instances of this condition will fall.

Using our Medsmart® app we can analyse these at risk patient groups, such as those with high blood pressure. Looking at this aggregated data we can start to build a picture of what these individuals “look like”. With this information, pharmaceutical companies can better shape their communications with patients and develop more targetted educational content for their medicine users.

To find out more about our persona product and how you can gain proactive insights to help you engage with your patients, please get in touch!