March 17, 2020

Looking after your health using digital apps and platforms

Over the last few days the UK has enforced stringent regulations with regards to COVID-19 to keep us all safe. These include:

  • Avoiding gatherings and crowded places, such as pubs, clubs and theatres
  • Working from home when you can
  • Not visiting friends and family in care homes where possible
  • Use of the NHS only when it is essential, making the most of the NHS website for advice
  • As of the weekend, those with the most serious health conditions must shield themselves from social contact for 12 weeks
  • If one person in any household has a persistent cough or fever, everyone residing there must stay at home for 14 days. These individuals should where possible, avoid leaving the house to buy food or essentials and must only leave if they desire to excercise (this must be done at safe distancing, outdoors and away from others).

This advice has made it increasingly more difficult to manage our health as we would normally. We cannot visit our GPs to seek advice and a lot of us are left searching the internet for help. There has never been a more important time for digital health apps.


So what can we do to keep ourselves healthy at home?

Aside from the obvious advice about handwashing and general cleanliness there are some other steps we can take to ensure we are in control of our health in these unprecedented times.

Using our Medsmart® app you can scan in your medicines to get regulated and accurate information about them. We also you to take your medicines on time by allowing individuals to set reminders of when to take their medicines and recording when they have taken them. In this hugely disorientating time, Medsmart®‘s capability to record when you’ve taken your medicine can be a huge asset.

But, it is not just about protecting your physical health. Maintaining good mental health during this period is of equal importance. Here are our top tips to combating boredom and ensuring you’re as settled and happy as possible over the next few months:

  • Exercise – remember you can still go outdoors in non-crowded areas. Why not go for a walk round your local park or a run out in the countryside! If you really don’t want to go outside you could consider folllowing home exercise tutorials shared on Youtube or Instagram.
  • Try a new hobby – ever thought about learning to do something new? Why not take the time to learn how to paint or invent some new recipes!
  • Keep in touch with your nearest and dearest – just because you can’t get out and about to see your loved ones and friends, this does not mean you can’t get in touch. Schedule in some laughs with your loved ones over skype or facetime!
  • Meditate – there are loads of wonderful apps that can help you meditate in the comfort of your own home. This is a hugely restless time and anything we can do to supress anxiety and relax is a great idea. Struggling to sleep because you haven’t left the house all day? These apps often have sleepcasts and sleep meditations to help send you into deep restful sleep.

We know this is a difficult time but its important to remember that this will not last forever. We are all in this together and there are mechanisms available to support you in these difficult times, so please use them!






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