March 16, 2020

Switching to digital focus groups : COVID-19

Using digital focus groups

Switching to digital focus groups:


In light of COVID-19 – use our focus group tool to capture the voice of the patient.

Talking Medicines can offer immediate digital focus groups where pharmaceutical companies are struggling to gain patient feedback on their medicine portfolio in the light of COVID-19. Where traditional face to face focus groups and HCP contact may now be more difficult in the light of COVID-19 please speak to us about using our digital focus group tool as an alternative and effective way of reaching patients.  Talking Medicines work with pharmaceutical clients to deliver data intelligence and insight on how people engagement and take their medication. Through our digital focus group tool we know how to engage with people and gather patient-centric data that can be measured overtime.

5 features and benefits of using Talking Medicines digital focus group tool:


Talking Medicines has a GDPR compliant channel for focus groups where questions can be asked directly to patients and healthcare consumers for medicines.

BHBIA guidelines being followed in the UK to capture data in a safe and compliance way.

Talking Medicines database holds insights at an individual medicine level –we align to over 25,000 prescribed and over-the-counter medicines giving granular level insights at a medicine pack level.

Talking Medicines has a growing database of patients who are willing to answer questions. Over 80,000 individuals have scanned in their medicine packs to our Medsmart® App to register the medicines they take at home. This offers a tight filter on cohorts of interest to build a picture and understanding by medicine.

Broader engagement is made through the social space where Talking Medicines have successfully engaged with half a million patients and healthcare consumers willing to answer questions.


We work in an agile way and welcome the opportunity to work with you. We are good at what we do and this has been recently recognised through winning Tech Nation top rising stars 2020.

Please reach out and get in touch as we are keen to help you connect and gain a deeper understanding from those that could benefit from taking your medicines.

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