March 12, 2020

Our “Data for Good” survey results

We were delighted by the participation & happy to share our results. The survey was run by Talking Medicines with 120 people taking part in March 2020.

The results of the survey show that:

•    Most people use Apps on their phone for managing their personal health and wellbeing.
•   Probably not surprisingly, less than 50% of those that completed the survey really understood what data for good actually means.
•    However, over 75% were positive about sharing data in the future if it helps others.
•    At Talking Medicines we were pleased to see that after watching the video in the survey most people agreed that what we do is a good thing.

We will take the insight from these results to work toward making a positive impact. We believe that by collecting data about how people take their medicines we can support better medicines for people like you.  We hope that you can download the Medsmart® App to help you manage your own medications and follow the Medsmart® community on our social media below.



Data for Good

Data for Good