March 6, 2020

Why women mean so much to us – International Women’s Day 2020

Here at Talking Medicines we represent the voice of the patient across all genders, races and ages. This Sunday however, it’s International Women’s Day so let us explain what women and their data means to us.

Women are vital to Talking Medicines as they tend to start their journey with us from a young age. Throughout their late teens they download the app to help them keep on top of their medicines – these are often contraceptives. As they hit middle age, we see women adding in other medicines, this time for loved ones – their children or for older relatives they care for. As they age themselves they may add in even more medications, continuing to take control of their own health.

Medsmart® allows women to manage the multitude of conditions and medications they deal with throughout their lifetime, all in the one place. The continual engagement we have with women over their lives is so important to us and provides such a rich source of information. Using this data, we can inform the healthcare industry on what female patients actually “look like” and care about, allowing for the development of better medicines and patient support.

And that’s what Medsmart is all about – empowering people to play a part in getting the most out of their medicines. So what are you waiting for? Join us on our mission for better medicines. Download Medsmart® free today using Google Play or the App store.