June 2, 2020

Week 9 of government advised lockdown: COVID-19 survey update

Talking Medicines have now captured 1,827 responses across five surveys showing the public opinions to COVID-19. Outreach engagement is via direct Facebook from the Medsmart® community to understand the attitudes, views and behaviour changes in the community towards COVID-19. This activity sits within the terms and conditions and privacy of the Medsmart® community in the UK.

In this update we focus on wrapping up our results from the last 9 weeks of government advised lockdown as the nation moves into “test and trace”, a new phase with eased regulations.

The topline results from week 9 of our COVID-19 survey are:

  • The demographic of respondents is similar to previous weeks with the majority being aged 50+ (80.7%) and female (75.4%).
  • The majority of individuals do not have COVID-19 (84%). However, in Week 9 we have seen an increase in the number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 (6.5%).
  • 91.5% of those who don’t have COVID-19 are practicing social distancing in Survey Week 9. This is the lowest figure across the five survey weeks.
  • The majority of those who are not practicing social distancing do not believe it will help the problem (33.3%) in Survey Week 9. Other signficant reasons include: not thinking the problem is serious enough yet (20.8%) and not being able to work from home (20.8%).
  • In Survey Week 9 we are seeing the highest percentage of people leaving the house more than once a day (20.1%) compared to all other survey weeks.
  • The majority of those leaving the house are going to get groceries (61%) and to exercise (61%). The percentage of people leaving the house to do each of these activities in Survey Week 9 is the highest across all survey weeks.
  • The most commonly reported symptom by those who think they may have COVID-19 was aching limbs (50%) in Survey Week 9.
  • In Survey Week 9, most individuals recovering from COVID-19 have been self isolating for more than two weeks. This matches what the majority of recovering respondents said in Survey Weeks 3, 5 and 7.
  • 66.6% of those recovering from COVID-19 have not recieved any medical treatment in Survey Week 9.
  • The most common symptom reported by those that have recovered from COVID-19 in Survey Week 9 was a dry cough (86.4%) .
  • In Survey Week 9, 59.1% of individuals that have recovered from COVID-19 recieved no medical treatment during the time they were unwell.
  • Of the small amount of people that have COVID-19, the most common symptoms reported were aching limbs (100%) and a dry cough (100%) in Survey Week 9.
  • In Survey Week 9, 100% of those with COVID-19 were diagnosed by a medical professional.

As we enter this “test and trace” phase, Talking Medicines continues to engage, support – adding value through tailored data engagement tools and Medsmart® with the in App COVID-19 Tracker and Survey features. The information you provide helps us to drive patient centricity throughout the healthcare system. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have taken part in our surveys through weeks 1-9.


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