February 4, 2021

PatientMetRx a new AI driven social intelligence service launches today


 Talking Medicines is the world’s first social intelligence company designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry: PatientMetrx

By structuring and translating the patient’s voice on social media into actionable intelligence, it focuses on assisting pharmaceutical companies deliver a greater return on investment for marketing and deliver better health outcomes for patients.

Talking Medicines has today launched PatientMetRx, its artificial intelligence (“AI”) and natural language processing (“NLP”) powered social intelligence service to provide pharmaceutical companies with insights on patient experience on a scale and depth not previously possible.

Powered by Eva, a proprietary AI machine developed by Talking Medicines, PatientMetRx combines machine learning and natural language processing to capture the voice of the patient from millions of conversations taking place over multiple sources including social media, forums and blogs, mapped to a curated database of 130,000 regulated global medicines.  It distils what patients are saying online, and what they are feeling, into powerful data insights to provide pharmaceutical companies with a systematic way of measuring patient experience towards medicines.

Talking Medicines will sell PatientMetRx on a subscription basis to clients.  Delivered on a digital dashboard, PatientMetRx provides pharmaceutical companies with a ‘Patient Confidence Score’ to benchmark each medicine, offering a systematic way of understanding trending patient confidence in their drug brands.  Tracking this Patient Confidence Score enables them to more accurately measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, reduce budgets, improve market competitiveness and deliver better health outcomes for patients.

The team are delighted to bring this innovation to market, more can be found at https://www.patientmetrx.com