September 29, 2021

What Does Talking Medicines Mean?

Talking Medicines Values

Talking Medicines was founded in 2013 by Jo Halliday, Dr.Elizabeth Fairley and Dr.Scott Crae. They all shared the same mission to create a highly innovative product that can help Pharmaceutical companies put patients right in the centre of everything they do. To achieve this they had to find a way to connect the patient voice to Pharma while considering the highly regulated industry that it is.

Here we are today…

PatientMetRx® is the first social intelligence platform by medicine. Designed exclusively for Pharma marketeers, PatientMetRx®, for the first time, systematically allows them to measure trending patient confidence across medicines.

Talking Medicines Values

Talking Medicines set 4 guiding values that help with everything that we do. These values are adopted by all employees. These values were our central focus when designing PatientMetRx® and are still our focus for all future developments.

Our Mission

Our Culture

Our culture reflects our values.

Transparency – we encourage openness and feedback and are transparent in everything we do. Our leadership team are transparent, accessible, honest and authentic. They are at the front and centre and make themselves available to everyone, this creates a sense that “we’re all in this together,”.

Community – we offer support to everyone on an informal and formal basis. We also like to encourage everyone to speak to each other and voice their concerns in our bi-monthly employee satisfaction survey. We like to create a working environment that is a breeding ground for genuine friendships.

Quality – We check everything that we do and invest a lot of time into making sure the quality of our work is reflected in the quality of our product. Sometimes this means everyone gets stuck in to help each other out.

Innovation – We welcome diversity, diversity in hiring, diversity in thought, and diversity in approaches. Our team is diverse with unique strengths and incredible skills in their area of expertise. Talking Medicines welcome new ideas, developments and even suggestions to new ways of working.

Without our employees we would not be Talking Medicines.