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Talking Medicines is a data tech company capturing, curating and structuring the global voice of the patient on launched medicines. The company uses a collection of tools including AI, ML and NLP technologies to capture and analyse the conversations and behaviours of patients at home. Through mapping the patient voice to regulated medicine information, the company is able to build data points to deliver intelligence on usage across medicines driven by patient data. This intelligence meets compliance for the sector and enables marketing in big pharma to measure patient confidence in their medicines & action the levers for share growth.

Patient Intelligence Solutions


Listen to the public digital voice through context analysis at a medicine level. Keeps your finger on the pulse.

Real World Persona

Validates target patient group by medicine from Medsmart connected device(s) to identify real world insights. Go beyond prescription data.

Digital Focus Group

Unique real time structured insight giving digital dashboard on post prescription behaviours. Efficient way to view and measure what works.


Deep dive analysis allowing proactive strategic insights. Optimise your patient insights.

Our Team


Jo Halliday

Founder, CEO

Dr Elizabeth Fairley

Founder, COO

Dr Scott Crae MRCVS

Founder, Business Dev Director

Ben Cons


Rob Mackean

Finance Consultant

Ross Hutcheson

Marketing Manager

Roma English Owen

Data Analyst

Vanja Popovic

Product Engineer

Gary Carson

Consultant Pharmacist

Toby Corner


Julie Regamey

Project Manager

Ellie Halliday

Compliance and Legal

Stewart McKee

Full Stack Developer 

Olivia Lane

Sales & Marketing Intern 

Tech Nation


Soldo Moonshot Award


Applied AI 2.0 Award


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COVID-19 Vaccine: A fresh start

COVID-19 Vaccine: A fresh start

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a long, hard year. With the endless threat of new measures and long lockdowns, it is safe to say we could do with some good news. Finally, we have a glimmer of hope. First, Pfizer (Pharmaceutical company) announced the interim...

Talking Medicines identified as top AI Company

Talking Medicines identified as top AI Company

Data tech innovator Talking Medicines, which uses advanced AI to provide pharmaceutical companies with real-time data intelligence, has been chosen to join Tech Nation’s Applied AI 2.0 Growth Programme. Tech Nation’s growth programmes are designed to champion and...

Talking Medicines builds a world class team

Talking Medicines builds a world class team

Hot off of the press on raising £1.1M Talking Medicines are building out a world class product and tech team to realise its mission of creating the world’s first social intelligence company for the pharmaceutical industry.  In line with plans to scale up its AI-based...

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