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Audience Analysis for Agency Using Patient Conversations

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At a Glance


  • Insufficient depth in data from social listening or research groups to derive necessary insights
  • Difficulty in effectively tracking and measuring changes for comprehensive patient intelligence


  • Drives effectiveness in access to patient voice
  • Drives efficiency by 80%
  • Creating messaging that resonates with audience

Customer Objective

A leading Agency subscribed to Drug-GPT to access secure, curated patient intelligence data over a 12-month period, with the goal to track and measure changes effectively. They sought a depth and precision of insights that surpass what social listening or research groups could provide.


Enhancing patient intelligence with Drug-GPT – To leverage Drug-GPT in accessing secure, curated patient intelligence which would enable effective tracking and measurement of changes over time for patients surrounding their daily routine, feelings, and experience with pre-treatment and weight loss with GIP and GLP-1s.


The Agency was able to answer their specific questions in relation to GLP-1 medications:

  • Tell me how patients describe their lives when taking GLP-1 inhibitors for weight loss?
  • Show me how sentiment is changing over time?
  • Describe the daily routine of meds, diet and exercise?
  • Show me what people talk about before they commit to take GLP-1 for weight loss.

This allowed the agency to enhance its understanding of the audience and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its marketing efforts, ensuring that their messaging resonated with patients.

Drug-GPT provides unparalleled insights into understanding your audience and their needs.

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