We provide a framework that encompasses the millions of voices of patients talking about medicines. As pharmaceuticals is the sole industry in which we work, we have developed a great depth of understanding for the appropriate compliance required and have developed our proprietary listening tools with this in mind. The requirements for adverse event reporting makes live feeds of social media mentions prohibitive for pharmaceutical companies. Talking Medicines conversational data service does not give a feed of mentions, instead the focus is on metrics that will help understand and track brand value at a medicine pack level, and to understand how this changes over time. Our metrics have been developed to filter against a dictionary of medicine terms, by language, that take out professional postings to isolate the true voice of the patient.

Medicine brand score

Benchmark the strength of your patient voice at a medicine level through the volume of mentions from consumers. Track historic through to present with updates each month. Understand if your communications are impacting upon your medicine brand score over time.

Medicine brand intent

Benchmark the intent of patients to recommend your medicine to others based on contextual analysis on what the voices of the patients are saying.

Medicine sentiment

Benchmark the positive/negative feeling in contextual analysis on what is being said about your medicine.