Our Data

Our Data 

At the heart of our data products is our curated database of community medicines. We work closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that information on medicines is presented accurately and sits within compliance guidelines. We have established an internal standard aligned to FDA frameworks on data quality. We adhere to the standards laid out by the BHBIA in the UK for data collection/reporting to pharmaceutical clients.

Medsmart® App

We have a number of tools that collects data on what, why and how people are taking their medication. One tool is our Medsmart® App that is free to download from both iOS and Android stores. To ensure that users gain the best experience users can speak with our Customer Services team through our Medsmart® website contact details and in-App. We also have FAQS on our product website to help users with questions they may have.

Data Compliance

All data is collected in a safe, compliant and ethical way. No personal identifiable data is shared with others. It is the sharing of data for good at an aggregated level that has the value. The patterns and trends within our data can help others taking medication and the development of effective medication.

Why We Collect Data

The landscape of health care is changing – people are becoming more aware of their health, for example people are now tracking the steps that they take, monitoring their sleep patterns, are more aware of their allergies and what calories and ingredients are in the food they eat.  Our drive is to help people take the right medicines that have the best chance of working for them. We also want people to understand why a medicine is being prescribed and to be able to take more control in the management of their health conditions. We believe that adherence and compliance will be natural outcomes from people being informed, educated about medication.


There are many stakeholders that we are keen to work with. It is important for us that people stay connected with the healthcare services to receive the best medical treatment and care. UK legislation prohibits the pharmaceutical industry from speaking directly to patients to actively promote their developed medicines. However, engagement between patients and the industry is of significant value from the start of the drug discovery cycle through to a regulated medication that are being taken in the real world. Understanding how people are taking a medicine that is similar to another being developed can help in a multitude of areas. Namely, development, efficacy and manufacturing; it can provide real world data on the patient value for a medicine; and potential routes to new blockbusters, novel injectables and rare disease drugs that help to improve the health and quality of life of patients by creating high value therapeutics addressing global unmet medical needs.


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