Real World Persona

Patient insights data is of high value as times are changing within the pharmaceutical industry. Your patients are different and by understanding who is actually taking the medicine and how they are being taken in the real world helps marketing teams to run segmentation and connect with their patients.


Talking Medicines collects rich insight directly from patients using the Medsmart® connected App. If you would like to review the Medsmart® app, then download here (iOS/Android). Users scan the barcode on their medicines to receive free support in managing their own online medicine cabinet.  The information served up to users – based on 25K regulatory approved medicine documents – is trusted and safe.  Users can scan prescription and over the counter medicines, set up profiles, understand ingredients, manage allergies, set up reminders and access educational support on the free App. In return for using the App users are exchanging insight on their patterns of behaviour. We take consumer privacy and pharmaceutical compliance very seriously and work to the highest levels of data management.  For our pharmaceutical customers Medsmart® data gives rich patient insight based on cohorts of n=200 users for most community medicines who have scanned your medicine, throwing light on what happens once a medicine is prescribed. Deeper cohorts are available on request.


The Real World Persona data service is an annual subscription for monthly updates access digitally or on flat reports which show core KPIs:

  • Who is taking your medicine – age, gender, location
  • How they take your medicine – co medications
  • Why they think they are taking the medicine
  • Adherence
  • Switching
  • Feelings