July 9, 2020

Talking Medicines : Driving more Effective Medicines By Listening to Patient

pharma's almanac

Founders Jo Halliday, CEO and Elizabeth Fairley, COO of Talking Medicines recently collaborated with a US pharma trade publication based out of New York called pharma’s almanac. The article published articulates their views on the opportunities for marketing in pharma companies to use the Talking Medicines patient intelligence to measure their performance and identify strategies for improvement.

pharma's almanac

Talking Medicines feature in pharma’s almanac


The voice of the patient has long been underserved in the pharmaceutical industry, despite extensive evidence that listening to patients and learning about their experiences can dramatically improve drug development, delivery, and accessibility, as well as patient support. The platform technology developed by Talking Medicines is designed to report on marketing intelligence for medicines, gathering information about patient experiences with existing drugs to help pharma companies identify barriers to access and opportunities for growth, and to provide enhanced support for optimized health outcomes.

The full article can be found here 

July 2020