ESG and Impact

Talking Medicines social mission is to improve patient outcomes. We believe that this can be achieved through the provision of gold standard, real-world, patient experience data, by medicine. This actionable intelligence will drive more effective patient care and support.

The Company approaches this through its innovative approach to ‘Data For Good’.


Core Values

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Seven Pillars of ESG

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Our View on ESG

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Our Core Values

Culture, Innovation, Transparency, and Quality are woven into our working culture, and are evidenced in our approach to ESG and Impact

Our Seven Pillars of ESG and Impact



Our people play a crucial part in shaping our social responsibility, fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, and driving ethical business practices.

Our ESG strategy is esssential for attracting top talent to ensure long-term resilience and positive societal impact.


We place great importance in using innovative approaches in our business and in our AI to drive true commercial and societal benefit.

By prioritizing ESG factors we believe we are driving innovation that addresses global and social challenges.


We aspire to contribute positively to our communities, thereby aligning with the evolving expectations of stakeholders and investors. We are constantly learning from and fortunate to benefit from the experience of others to refine our practices and operations as well as giving back to take others forward.


Talking Medicines prioritize environmental responsibility to contribute toward sustainability, mitigate climate risks, and align with the positive growing awareness of eco-conscious practices with and through our stakeholder partners.

We recognize the importance good environmental practice and understand that it is crucial for ethical business conduct.


Integrating finance into our ESG framework enhances our corporate reputation and attracts socially responsible investors and partners, fostering sustainable and responsible business practices.


Strong governance practices not only safeguard against potential risks but also ensure transparent communication with stakeholders, reinforcing the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

Effective governance is integral to building resilience, maintaining trust, and fostering sustainable business practices.


Impact refers to the measurable and often transformative effects that an action, initiative, or entity has on various aspects of society, the environment, or the economy.

Talking Medicines have a strategy on social impact that includes the key team, community, and stakeholder partners including patients and patient organisations.

“Environmental, Social, Governance (known as ESG) isn’t just a tick box for us. We believe in profit for purpose and our goal is creating better health outcomes for patients and people. It’s a commitment that runs through everything we do.”

Scott Crae

Founder | Partnerships, ESG and Impact

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