face of man with ESG symbols

Environmental, Social, Governance (known as ESG) isn’t just a tick box for us. We believe in profit for purpose and our goal is creating better health outcomes for patients and people. It’s a commitment that runs through everything we do

Dr Scott Crae, Founder

ESG isn’t just a LIP SERVICE

The United Nations SDG 3 looks to actively promote healthy lifestyles and well-being for all. From minimising our environmental impact — to creating personal connections to our people and communities — it’s a lesson and learning we take seriously and to heart.

OK, prove it

Responsible Finance
Good Governance
Our Environment

These are things we believe in, so we try and make them a reality every day

People first

Well-being at work is something we put into practice every day. A true work/life balance is great for our teams and great for us.

Count on community

Our Patient and Customer Charters show the values that underpin our working practice. It is a message we encourage our team to take into their local communities.

Finance with feeling

We constantly review our strategy and goals to ensure we are never pursuing profit at too great a cost.

Data for good

Dealing with patient data comes with great responsibility. Data quality for our customers must be ethical, secure and trustworthy.

Treading gently

All businesses effect the environment, which in turn effects people, and places around them. Every day we try and change our impact to be just a little better than it was yesterday, working towards net zero.

Better tomorrow

The more we innovate, the more we can help our customers — and the better the outcomes for patients. We work in an exciting, leading-edge industry — it shows.

Difficult times have shown we work better when we work together