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We believe that the patient should be at the centre of healthcare. We formed a data tech company to do just that. We capture the global digital voice of the patient in parallel with extensive compliance requirements in order to provide curated digital insights to our clients both above and below the medicine brand. We give a digital window into aggregated views on how patients talk about and use individual medicines once they leave the pharmacy. Our social data is at a medicine level with metrics that pharmaceutical companies can use to support patient centric marketing decisions. Driving more effective medicines.

Patient Data Solutions 


Listen to the public digital voice through context analysis at a medicine level. Keeps your finger on the pulse.

Real World Persona

Validates target patient group by medicine from Medsmart connected device(s) to identify real world insights. Go beyond prescription data.

Digital Focus Group

Unique real time structured insight giving digital dashboard on post prescription behaviours. Efficient way to view and measure what works.


Deep dive analysis allowing proactive strategic insights. Optimise your patient insights.

Our Team


Jo Halliday

Founder, CEO

Dr Elizabeth Fairley

Founder, COO

Dr Scott Crae MRCVS

Founder, Business Dev Director

Ben Cons


Rob Mackean

Finance Consultant

Kuljeet Sohanpal

Head Of Sales

Roma English Owen

Data Analyst

Vanja Popovic

Product Engineer

Gary Carson

Consultant Pharmacist

Toby Corner


Julie Regamey


Ellie Halliday

Customer Services

Tech Nation Rising Stars

Proud Winner

Soldo Moonshot Award


Talent Works Award


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The term ‘stroke’ being classed as a health condition & symptom

The term ‘stroke’ being classed as a health condition & symptom

Of interest to us, health conditions are defined differently by patients and doctors. One example that we have come across recently in our annotation data, is the description of the term ‘stroke’. A stroke as we are all aware is a life-threatening event that happens...

How we can help fight the global cardiovascular health crisis

How we can help fight the global cardiovascular health crisis

Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death globally (CDC). CVD takes an estimated 17.9 million lives each year and accounts for a quarter of all deaths in the states and the UK (BHF). There are many medical risk factors that can contribute to...

The impact of coronavirus on ethnic minorities

The impact of coronavirus on ethnic minorities

Over the last few months we have seen an alarming number of deaths in ethnic minority groups due to coronavirus. In fact, the figures show that the death rate for Black and Asian people is four and three times greater respectively than for White people (Public Health...

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