Talking Medicines are making the platform that will bring pharmaceutical marketing into the modern age

Jo Halliday, Founder & CEO

Making marketing teams truly data driven

Talking Medicines’ Artificial Intelligence platform is helping Pharmaceutical marketing teams understand the real world experiences of its patients and its products.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing combine to give empowering metrics that mean much more than simple mentions and hashtag counts.

Talking Medicines:
Empower your Pharmaceutical insights

Platform focus

The Social Intelligence platform that
gives patients a voice

Powered by Talking Medicines’ proprietary platform, PatientMetRx® allows you to gather all your social media metrics into a single, simple dashboard.

Meaningful, measurable metrics — all from a single dashboard

with PatientMetRx® you can

– Gather genuine insights rather than simple figures
– Discover patterns and trends as they happen
– Empower your market spend
– give your patients a voice in your process

The pharmaceutical sector spends $30Bn on marketing each year in the US alone — without really knowing if that investment is doing any good

Dr Elizabeth Farley, Founder & COO


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