The Talking Medicines Patient Charter:

Putting the
patient first

At Talking Medicines, we believe the single most important thing that drives every decision we make, is the well-being of the patient.

It’s the North Star for us as a business and so we constantly strive to work harder, smarter and better when we work with our customers.

That’s why we have put down our commitments in our Six Point Patient Charter. Not only do we use these key piIlars to help check every decision we make delivers on them, but we also use internal and external stakeholders to help us constantly improve on how we work towards being even better in how we work together as a team — and how we work together with our customers and community.


First and foremost, integrity is key

Our AI-driven PatientMetRx® platform is key in our drive to create better patient outcomes

Actively listening to the Patient Voice will help us put the lived experience of patients front and centre in the data we give to our customers, in turn helping them give better care and products to the people they treat.

We have a commitment to total transparency about every byte of data we produce — its source, its accuracy, and its legal compliance.

Only 100% security for patient data is acceptable, we work every day to have the systems in place to make that happen.



PatientMetRx® is key to helping us promote better decisions for patients, pharma companies, payers, insurers and healthcare systems.

We will respect and adhere every appropriate regulatory requirements surrounding the data that we process, the patients whose data we collect and collate, and any emerging legislation around the deployment and use-practice of AI.

We recognise PatientMetRx is an incredibly powerful tool for collecting data from social channels. We place huge importance on protecting it from misuse where it may cause harm or distress to those who’s data it collects.


Total transparency in everything we do

Even though PatientMetRx®is a very complex piece of tech, we always explain its use and features in plain English to our customers and stakeholders.

All our data sources are people, and must always be treated as people, not a collection of noughts and ones. We are always very clear about every stage of our process from data sourcing and processing to final outputs.

Where appropriate, we fully publish clear and concise summaries of our processes, readily accessible to medical professionals, patients, users and regulators.



PatientMetRx® is always developed alongside the gold-standards in current processes.
Everyone that works on our products is fully trained and supported.

We offer comprehensive support and training to every user of our products.

Clinicians and patients, the ultimate users of the data we create are consulted about every part of the processes we employ.

Our machine learning and AI algorithms are always checked and verified by highly-qualified human oversight.


Driven by diversity and inclusion

PatientMetRx® will only thrive when diverse voices are included in its development.

We use external advisors and voices to ensure our commitment to inclusivity is genuine.

PatientMetRx® will never disadvantage or dis-enfranchise any group.

PatientMetRx® seeks to amplify the voices of those who have not been heard.

All processes will be constantly reviewed to remove unconscious bias or prejudice.

All patients are equal in PatientMetRx®’s eyes and we will work hard to ensure no disparities in outcomes occur between any patient group.


Sustainability is the only future we have

More accuracy in Patient Voice data can remove much of the industry’s wastage — meaning less resources are directed to medicine production that will never reach intended patients. Smarter planning enabled by smarter data will reduce strain on global supply chains ensuring better and more timely access to treatments.

We aim to act both locally and globally in our drive to reduce our impact in everything we do. We will work with local initiatives to create a community that wants to improve the environment we all live and work in.

We always know that the world is relying on all of us to not continuously treat everything as an inexhaustible resource.

“PatientMetRx® will only thrive when diverse voices are included in its development”