Patient Confidence Score

Artificial Intelligence

Real Time

The Talking Medicines mission

To be the World’s Gold Standard for Patient Intelligence by Medicine

Millons of conversations

Actionable metrics

Ultimately, in the world of patient voices, pharma marketing and social media

we turn…


…into this

It’s a team that delivers

Jo Halliday

CEO, Founder

Dr Elizabeth Fairley

Chief Operating & Data Officer, Founder

Dr Scott Crae MRCVS

ESG, Founder

Al Sisto


Ben Cons


Rob Mackean

Finance Consultant

Roma English Owen

Manager, Data Intelligence & Analytics

Fabrice Retcowsky

Consultant CTO (Former CTO Brandwatch)

Stewart McKee

Full Stack Developer

Olivia Lane

Manager, Customer Development

Vanja Popovic

Data Engineer

Ellie Halliday

Manager, Data Privacy & Compliance

Britteny Gibson

Manager, Global Customer Engagement

George Lysandrou

NLP Data Scientist

Kirsty Mursec

Data Quality Control Analyst

Erin Macfarlane

Junior Frontend Software Engineer

Lewis Boyd

Machine Learning Engineer

Jaroslav Hudacký

Junior Software Engineer

Ronan Cons

Data Analyst

Jonathon Peach

Data Analyst – Business Intelligence

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