January 20, 2021

Growing the Product Tech Team

We are so pleased to welcome four talented individuals to our team. Through their knowledge and experience, we look forward to accelerating our AI driven data insights product aligned to the needs of our commercial marketing pharmaceutical customers.

Stewart McKee – Fullstack developer at Talking Medicines

Stewart, based in Glasgow started with us in Q4 2020, has a broad knowledge base through his Engineering degree, working in IT, Software engineer roles and Founder of numerous businesses. His entrepreneurial spirit, broad skill set and ability to tackle development challenges head on makes him an ideal fit for his role with us.

Adrian Mursec – Frontend Developer at Talking Medicines

Adrian, based in Manchester started with us Q1 2021, is an experienced frontend developer with a solid background in computer science. Adrian has embraced the role showing his enthusiasm, ability to learn fast and strong teamwork skills.

Tom Lynch – Senior Software Engineer at Talking Medicines

Tom, started with us Q1 2021, is a software engineer based in London. With a background in consultancy, Tom has detailed knowledge in data science, engineering and analytics. With experience in building and maintaining big data in the cloud for clients in retail, energy and insurance sectors he is a perfect fit.

Tatiana Nantes – Head of Product at Talking Medicines

Tatiana, started with us Q1 2021, leading on the delivery of our data insights service to the pharmaceutical customers. Tatiana who studied Economics and International Business has built international agile products that have been used by millions, having worked in the world of tech for many years.

They join our highly innovative, experienced team building applications to measure patients experiences, behaviours with medicines. We use AI, ML and NLP technologies to transform data to allow pharmaceutical companies a way to access patient insights for the world’s leading drug brands. The value of our data drives more effective marketing spend, supporting better wellness for patients taking medication to manage their health.