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August 2, 2021

“We can do better towards our patients, we should do better, we must do better” (Pharma marketing exec 2021). So what is stopping you? 

At Talking Medicines our North Star is to give patients a voice, to use AI-driven data tech to provide ground-breaking structured insights on the voice of the patient globally, by medicine brand.  We feel so passionately about the need to do things differently that today we have changed the look of, updated our logo and socials to make it clearer on how we can support the drive to listen to what patients are saying.  

Here’s our view on why the time for change is now:


Embrace technology. Typically the majority of pharma companies adopt a wait and see approach toward technology, watching for others to lead. Pharma has generally been behind the curve in embracing tech and digital transformation. We have heard from pharma execs “we are really innovative in clinical research but on the commercial side we take no risk”.  

Post Pandemic:

There is no going back. COVID-19 has shone a light on the need for the sector to adopt new digital technologies and to use actionable data more effectively. This gives an opportunity to look for efficiencies, and to streamline ways of using tech and data that will make marketing in pharma fit for todays’ post-pandemic world making companies more successful.

Patients Are People:

They want to be heard. Technology can help patient engagement. During the pandemic people have flocked to social media, they have visited their Doctors and Consultants less and they have their medicine regimes impacted. They won’t go back to life before, they are doing things differently, they have a voice and that impacts marketeers. 

The Need For Data In an Uncertain World:

Smart data. There is less certainty. Actionable data will set up decision-making support systems to bring in agility looking at current conditions and an uncertain future. The sector tends to make decisions on historic data, it’s time to listen and to stay engaged with what is happening in real-time. Have a practical impact on the bottom line through smart use of data. 

Fail Fast:

A big one. It’s time to embrace agility. Learn from the innovation sector. Fail fast. Try change and if it doesn’t work look at what you have learnt and move ahead. The enemy of innovation is inertia.  It’s too easy to say why not, look for why I will. 

If this has prompted you to think about change, please get in touch. Summer Brand Planning 2021 #DoThingsDifferently

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