October 20, 2021

Psoriasis Patient Support

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The Importance and Relevance of PSP’S

Patient support programmes (PSPs) are increasingly important for pharmaceutical companies. According to Deloitte they have “the ability to wrap services around their leading-edge therapies, in order to deliver superior patient outcomes, drive differentiation and strengthen patient and healthcare professional (HCP) relationships, and will increasingly determine success in the future”.

Deloitte also explain that from the pharmaceutical company’s perspective, PSPs help deliver a better overall patient outcome and, as the industry increasingly pivots to more outcomes-based reimbursement models, improving the actual patient outcome will be a critical success factor. A good patient support programme will be a factor in treatment approvals and market authorisations, and will increase patient enrolment. 

One study with 2,386 patients included were allocated to a PSP. The study concluded that there was greater adherence, improved persistence and reduced healthcare costs as a result of a patient being a apart of the patient support program. You can Read the full report here.

Existing Patient Support Programs for Psoriasis Patients

The You First Program

The You First Program is a tailored service to support Cosentyx® patients at home. Novartis have designed the program for Cosentyx patients, tailored to meet individual demands and designed to work alongside the expertise of the NHS healthcare team.

Top banner. You First: a tailored service supporting your Cosentyx patients at home

How it helps:

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Janssen Care Path

Janssen CarePath provides the additional support patients may need to help them get started with STELARA® treatment. Once the patient and their doctor have decided that STELARA® is right for them. A personally assigned Janssen CarePath Care Coordinator will work closely with them and their doctor to provide the support they need.

Janssen CarePath | DARZALEX® IV (daratumumab) HCP

On Call ORENCIA® Support Program

Bristol Myers Squibb have set up a patient support program for their Orencia Patients for help and support with their day to day treatments.

On Call ORENCIA® (abatacept) support program logo

Taltz Together Support Program

Taltz Together offers numerous resources, ranging from helping patients get started to giving them the tools they need throughout their treatment journey. For support throughout their journey with Taltz®, enroll in Taltz Together, where a Companion in Care can help them every step of the way.

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Beyond The Programs

It is great to see Pharmaceutical Companies who offer treatment for Psoriasis also offer Patient Support Programs tailored to their treatment journey. However, there is more than can be done to listen to patient journeys and to improve overall patient outcomes.

The Patient Voice can be used to help understand your patients day to day experiences, it gives you a way to analyse the global voice not just those who are active participators in the support programs. PatientMetRx® gives you patient insights that no other platform can yet provide.

Our Artificial Intelligence platform is helping Pharmaceutical marketing teams understand the real world experiences of its patients and its products. We use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing combine to give empowering metrics that mean much more than simple mentions and hashtag counts. If you can better understand your patients experiences you can offer better support for others in your programs.

Make the change today and start listening…

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