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The Opportunities for AI tools in a Data Drive Healthcare Environment

June 15, 2024

Talking Medicines co-founder Scott Crae was invited by the Ethical Medicines Industry Group (EMIG) to present on: ‘The Opportunities for AI tools in a Data Driven Healthcare Environment.’ 

EMIG   is a multi-stakeholder network and trade association that represents the interests of life-science companies in the UK, with over 300 member organisations drawn from academia, research policy, patient organisations, pharma and life-science. 

The session was warmly hosted by Brenda Dooley ( Managing Secretariat, EMIG Scotland and Founder and CEO of AXIS Healthcare Consulting Ltd (AXIS) ), specialists in Health Technology Assessments across the UK and Ireland. 

Scott was delighted to be given the opportunity to present Drug-GPT to the group, not only to be able to demonstrate Drug-GPTs advanced data science, AI and natural language interface, but to be able to take questions around the ethics, transparency, data security and quality of the intelligence that Talking Medicines offer through Drug-GPT. 

As Drug-GPT offers deep longitudinal insights by curating and structuring the authored voice of patients, healthcare professionals & key opinion leaders, it was a great opportunity to have a wide discourse about the ethical implications of AI in health, the practical implementation of a ‘healthcare ready’ AI solution, data security, trust, bias and quality control. 

Scott framed the discussion in a meaningful way for the group by sharing the work that Talking Medicines have completed on the burgeoning GLP-1 antagonist Type 2 Diabetes/Weight Loss arena. 

He shared the methodology behind the efficiency and effectiveness of AI tools such as Drug-GPT to bring new, rich insights into the patient and HCP experience of drugs and how external factors influenced them, through a combination of clear visuals and concise, AI generated text, accessed simply by asking natural language questions of the data. 

There were a number of follow up questions during the session, and we asked Scott how he felt about fielding replies to such a distinguished audience. 

‘In my role as a Founder, Partnerships, ESG and Impact are particularly important to me, and to Talking Medicines. We are a socially invested company with a mission to improve patient outcomes through better understanding of the patient and HCP experience of drugs and healthcare. By presenting Drug-GPT to the Ethical Medicines Industry Group, we were able to engage with an important and diverse group of stakeholders in our business, and to gain valuable insight into the opportunities and concerns around broader AI issues in health. This work will be captured by Talking Medicines, as we continue to strive to be transparent, honest and ethical about all aspects of our work in this important and sensitive area.’ – Scott Crae, Founder, Talking Medicines. 


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