June 21, 2021

Artificial Intelligence Redefining the Pharmaceutical Industry

‘61% of companies investing in innovative strategies are using AI to identify opportunities that they would have otherwise missed’ – Arsene, 2020

Being able to understand use-cases and their successes in the healthcare market is important to help drive healthcare organisations in the right directions. The top Pharmaceutical companies are thriving on AI innovation in a number of unique ways. 

Best Practices for Implementing AI

Johnson & Johnson: 

To remain competitive in the digital world J&J have continued to merge its expertise in intelligent AI strategies to provide more personalized health care services to patients based on their genetic profiles. Advanced developments include the launch of surgical robots called Ottava, designed with zero-footprint to enable patient access, increase space in the operating room and improve workflow (Whooley, 2020). 


Embracing advancements in AI technology to classify digital images of cells, each treated with different experimental compounds, further grouping compounds with similar effects together using machine learning algorithms. As a result of computers being far quicker than human analysis, new effective drugs can be made available sooner, while also reducing overall operational costs.

AiCure And AbbVie:

Traditional methods to measure drug adherence requires patients to submit the data themselves without any evidence of them taking a pill or type of treatment. AiCure have developed an image recognition algorithm that removes these issues. Tracking drug adherence using facial recognition system to confirm that the right person has consumed the correct medication. 


The British drugmaker has teamed up with Ali Health with the aim to expand the drug market in China. The aging population has seen an increase in the number of patients suffering with cancer or diabetes. This has led AstraZeneca to develop AI technology to improve ambulance pickups and smart cancer diagnostics.


The first social intelligence company for the pharmaceutical Industry. Developing a systematic way of measuring patient sentiment across medicines by structuring and translating the patient’s voice on social media into accountable intelligence. As a result helping Pharma deliver a greater return on investment for marketing while delivering better health outcomes for patients.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is a transformative technology that is rapidly changing the industry. Book a meeting below to find out more about PatientMetRx and how AI is used to create the Patient Confidence Score.

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