June 21, 2021

The First Social Intelligence Platform for Pharma

Patients are becoming more unified and organised with the help of advocacy groups and technology (Stadler, 2016). This has helped patients become an active and self-determining part of their own healthcare pathway (Rippon & Neilson, 2016) demonstrating how important patient insights are to the overall business strategy, enabling early identification of opportunities and/or threats to business growth.

Accessing The True Voice of The Patient Using Patient Insights 

Identifying insights provides Pharma Marketers with a competitive edge by discovering information about the audience that has not previously been identified and utilised which can, in turn provide a clear understanding of true patient objectives and driving forces. Patient insights should be credible, actionable and practical, providing a sound basis for actions that will make a real difference (Rippon & Neilson, 2016).

Through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and industry expertise, Talking Medicines has now developed a systematic way of measuring patient sentiment across medicines. This methodology successfully isolates the patient voice to provide pharma-grade intelligence helping to understanding patient requirements, viewpoints, predisposition and future intent. 

Why Patient Insights? 

  • Generates empowerment by encouraging patients to take an active role choosing their own healthcare options. Empowerment can be identified as patient engagement which can result in improved patient experience and health related outcomes.
  • Prioritising patient insights helps to get a better understanding on preferences, lives and cultural contexts. Helping to identify the factors that influence patient behaviour.
  • Successfully bridges the patient gap.
  • Enhances strategy development and decision making across a project, product, therapeutic area and organisational strategy level (Kinapse, 2018). 

How PatientMetRx Provides Real Time Patient Insights

Talking Medicines has developed a technology platform called PatientMetRx which uses AI, ML and NLP to capture and analyse the voice of the patient from multiple social sources, mapped to a curated database of the full set of 130,000 regulated global medicines. This systematic way of measuring patient sentiment towards medicines, helps Pharma deliver greater return on investment for marketing and better health outcomes for patients. The new AI data service will translate what patients are saying into actionable intelligence by providing a global Patient Confidence Score by medicine. This addresses the need for pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers and pharmacies to listen to their patients in the real world. By mapping the intelligence on what they think about their medicines and how they are taken, customers can drive more efficient marketing and better health outcomes.


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