May 15, 2023

Dr. Elizabeth Fairley of Talking Medicines is named in the prestigious PM360 2023 Elite 100 Award

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Elizabeth Fairley, Co-founder and Chief Operating and Data Officer of Talking Medicines, has been recognised in the prestigious 2023 PM360 Elite 100 Award for her outstanding contributions in the field of Data. Elizabeth’s relentless pursuit of leveraging data to revolutionise patient outcomes has earned her this well-deserved honour.

Join us as we delve into Elizabeth’s ground-breaking work and explore how she is reshaping the healthcare industry through data making a significant impact on life sciences and healthcare.

A Visionary Leader in Data Mining

Elizabeth Fairley, with her strong passion for data-driven predictive health solutions, has played a pivotal role leading the development and commercialization of PatientMetRx, a patient-intelligence SaaS data platform from Talking Medicines. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this revolutionary platform provides actionable insights for healthcare advertising agencies working in the pharmaceutical sector, ultimately enhancing patient experiences, and driving better healthcare outcomes.

Harnessing Social Data for Patient and Healthcare Professional (HCPs) Insights

One of Elizabeth’s passions lies in leveraging social data to gain a deeper understanding of the patient experience. Through her life science, machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) expertise, she unveils invaluable patient and HCP insights with longitudinal trends and recommendations. With the recent launch of PatientMetRx® 2.0 and the World’s First Patient Voice GPT, known as Drug-GPT™ she has led the structuring and analysis of unstructured social data to new heights. This enhanced patient-intelligence platform employs advanced proprietary data mining methodologies to extract real time sentiments, experiences, and behaviors from vast amounts of social media conversations. Elizabeth’s expertise in utilizing social data has made her a sought-after speaker inspiring other to embrace the power of data modelling. Her work with PatientMetRx 2.0 with Drug-GPT™ showcases her commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation.  

An Influential Industry Voice

Elizabeth’s thought leadership extends beyond her work at Talking Medicines. As an esteemed expert in the field of life science data mining, she is frequently quoted in leading publications, sharing her valuable insights on the role of data and ethical data utilization in healthcare. Elizabeth’s contributions have also been published in renowned journals like BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, and she has spearheaded ground-breaking research projects that push the boundaries of data-driven healthcare innovation through AI, ML and NLP.

Commitment to Excellence and Empowerment

Elizabeth’s commitment to excellence is evident in her leadership role at Talking Medicines. She has spearheaded efforts to identify and mitigate bias in data, ensuring accurate identification of patterns and trends related to patient interactions with healthcare systems. Elizabeth has also established the Quality and Data Privacy & Security Subcommittees, fostering a culture of innovation, inclusivity, trust, transparency, and partnership within the organization.

Additionally, Elizabeth has been a champion for diversity and empowerment. She has led Talking Medicines in achieving a greater gender balance, and she places a strong emphasis on developing talent. Through her initiatives, she has created the opportunity for young talent to join an in-house annotation team creating gold standard training data, boosting their own skills and future employability.

Elizabeth Fairley’s PM360 Elite Award is a testament to her unwavering dedication to leveraging data mining to transform the healthcare industry. Her visionary leadership and innovative approach at Talking Medicines have reshaped the landscape of data-driven healthcare.

If you’d like to learn more about the full range of data solutions that Talking Medicines or see PatientMetRx® for yourself first hand, please get in touch here.

About PatientMetRx®

PatientMetRx® is an AI accelerated machine learning platform that has turned the liberation of patient sentiment on its head through data science to create a single source of truth about feelings, attitudes, and behaviours. People describe their healthcare experiences through stories on social media, interviews, and research. PatientMetRx® uses advanced data science and technology including its own specialised LLM’s (Drug-GPT®) to structure signals at scale to make the complex simple. Tracking actionable insights and mapping across the patient journey comparing HCP and Patient Voices.  Keep your finger on the pulse by putting the Patient Voice at the centre of strategies. If you’re wanting to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing industry then try it out today.

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