September 1, 2023

Patient Demand for Flexibility in Their Care Can Help Achieve Marketing Goals 

Covid 19  

In discussing the impact of Covid-19 with healthcare professionals they are quick to highlight the positive changes the pandemic has provided for patient experience. Patients have adapted well to online and hybrid interactions with physicians, accelerating the move toward digital healthcare, including the adoption of advanced technology. This digital transformation offers pharma-marketeers the opportunity to use digital and social media intelligence to understand patients’ concerns directly, analysing data about how they are speaking about their medicines online, from social media platforms to gardening forums. 

There is an irreversible trend towards digitisation within the industry, with patients and physicians communicating at a more hybrid level. The option for hybrid care allows the patient to choose how they communicate and access healthcare, offering greater choice and faster responses. It also provides actionable insights for those ad agencies which operate in the healthcare sector.  

Equity and Strategy  

President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ agenda aims to lower the cost of drugs as well as health insurance premiums. Many of the healthcare professionals involved in the discussions agreed that this bill would provide medical help to the Americans that needed it most, as well as push some money back into the pockets of elderly citizens and taxpayers. It amounts to a call for action to change how experts should navigate patient demand with real-time understanding, content that cares, consistent and beneficial engaging experience, and community-centricity. 

Patients’ increased involvement in, and awareness of, their healthcare is transforming the way that they want to receive care. It is important for marketing professionals to acknowledge this trend and help facilitate it.  

The Future of Pharma  

Many technological advancements are infiltrating the marketplace, with health tracking apps being a prime example. However, such apps are also allowing for quicker diagnoses and instant answers to patient questions and feedback. As such, voice (through technologies like Amazon Alexa) has become a massive healthcare marketing technique as well as proving to be an effective tool in the industry.  

These advancements in the industry all stem from the uncertainties and barriers imposed upon society by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is expected that more developments in technology, especially AI, are to come in the near future for medicine. The pandemic fuelled patient demand for flexible, hybrid care, which is expected to drive the future of digital medicines and technologies.  

The paramount changes and challenges the pharmaceutical industry have undergone because of the Covid-19 pandemic will clearly had a lasting positive impact. These changes have been mirrored in business equity and strategy with more and more companies’ marketing strategies being centred around patient needs, new technologies and digital channels.