January 31, 2024

Elevating Healthcare Strategy: Unmasking Game-Changing Insights on GLP-1 & GIP/GLP-1 with Drug-GPT Technology

In collaboration with our partners at Sermo, our Advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence solutions played a crucial role in uncovering previously unseen intelligence about GLP-1 and GIP/GLP-1. This report is designed to comprehend challenges, perceptions, attitudes, and usage surrounding GLP-1 and GIP/GLP-1 medications among patients and physicians, reflecting not just our efforts but the collaborative success in providing valuable healthcare intelligence to our partners.

Gain exclusive access to this report and uncover previously unseen insights into the impact of GLP-1 and GIP/GLP-1 drugs in the type 2 diabetes space.

  • Gain insight into how GLP-1 and GIP/GLP-1 drugs have revolutionized the type 2 diabetes space.
  • Explore how physicians and patients alike are talking, thinking, and reacting to GLP-1 and GIP/GLP-1 medications.
  • Deep dive into learnings about specific medications like semaglutide and tirzepatide both from the physician and patient perspective.

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