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Boosting Your Healthcare Ad Agency’s Success with Drug-GPT

February 29, 2024

Boosting Your Healthcare Ad Agency’s Success with Drug-GPT


Over the past year, various Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPTs) have inundated the digital world, with marketers receiving a barrage of emails and social media posts promoting tools like Grammarly, Jasper, and Chat GPT. However, none of these tools have been tailored to the unique needs of healthcare marketing – until now.

Unlike the others, we have launched Drug-GPT the world’s first Patient Voice GPT providing you with curated insights in seconds. Join us on this blog as we explore the nuances between Chat GPT and Drug-GPT and discover how our healthcare centered GPT sets us apart from the competition.


ChatGPT and Drug-GPT™ : Unveiling the Key Differences

We take pride in our unique approach to utilizing GPT technology and how it sets us apart from other tools in the market. Our proprietary models allow us to achieve unparalleled results and provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced by healthcare marketers.

With a simple click, Drug-GPT swiftly navigates through a vast array of Healthcare Professional (HCP) and patient posts, strategically prioritizing and weighting each one to deliver prompt responses. This approach empowers users by providing them with vital insights in the language of both patients and HCPs within seconds, eliminating the need for exhaustive hours of searching without guaranteeing actionable findings.

There are two key differences between how we are operating with this tool compared to other GPT tools:
  1. The quality of our data: Garbage in, garbage out – the quality of inputs directly impacts the outputs. That’s why we prioritize sourcing and curating reliable data to ensure the best possible outcomes for our users. Drug-GPT only uses Talking Medicines curated data to answer any given question, it will not look elsewhere to inform a response.
  2. Transparency: Our instance of GPT is only allowed to respond to the question posed using the validated information we provide it with, this ensures that the information users receive is reliable, trusted and represents what patients and HCPs are actually saying. When Drug-GPT™ encounters a question beyond its knowledge scope, it will respond “I don’t know.” This ensures integrity and prevents the dissemination of incorrect or misleading information.


Using our structured data you can use Drug-GPT to:
  • Longitudinal analysis between conversations happening in different HCP and patient cohorts and personas
  • Compare data patterns and trends across a patient journey
  • Understand the conversations that are happening about regulatory components like safety and efficacy


Our Unique Database: How It Sets Us Apart in Healthcare Marketing

With years of experience in understanding the language and preferences of patients and HCPs, we have honed our expertise in deciphering conversations about various medicines/drugs and therapy/disease areas. Leveraging this extensive knowledge, we have developed a suite of predictive models that sift through enormous volumes of social data. These models have been trained on thousands of social media posts that have been scrupulously marked up by our own dedicated team of highly trained annotators.

Our annotators possess the expertise and domain knowledge to accurately annotate different types of data, such as social media posts. Through their work, they enable our machine learning models to learn patterns, make predictions, and perform specific tasks. Our highly trained team have a deep understanding of the data context and possess domain-specific knowledge to ensure accurate interpretations and categorizations. This team serves as the vital link between raw data and machine learning models, transforming unstructured data into actionable information and paving the way for powerful data-driven insights.

Due to the exceptional precision and accuracy of our models, our patient database boasts an impressive collection of over. Our passion lies in unearthing the genuine patient voice, irrespective of the platform they choose to express themselves. To achieve this, we have diligently sourced data from over 8,000 diverse data sources, with 70% of them being medical in nature. However, we didn’t stop there. To capture the holistic patient experience, we ventured beyond medical sources, exploring all avenues of patient insight including sites that discuss topics as diverse as gardening to football. This extensive and varied database ensures that we truly understand the multifaceted perspectives of patients in their own words.


Put Your Campaign to the Test: Don’t Believe Us? See the Results for Yourself

Don’t just take our word for it—experience the results for yourself. Discover the power of PatientMetRx® v2.0 that has Drug-GPT incorporated by booking our demo today and unlock valuable insights for your healthcare ad agency.










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