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Use Case: Harnessing Drug-GPT for Rapid Insights and Enhanced Efficiency

February 29, 2024

Explore the key to internal efficiency with our latest use case, “Harnessing Drug-GPT for Rapid Insights and Enhanced Efficiency.” Uncover valuable insights into how this innovative solution can drive productivity and streamline operations within your organization.

Customer Need: Top 100 Healthcare Advertising Agency A sought to rapidly comprehend the diabetes landscape and patient experiences to create a franchise-level strategy for their Pharma Client. They encountered challenges with diverse data types, slow analysis, and the necessity for meaningful data curation.


Data: Social media posts, transcripts, survey data, website data, educational content.


Solution: The agency partnered with Talking Medicines to leverage Drug-GPT for swift data analysis and actionable insights. They examined the curated data by posing natural language questions about key topics and unmet needs. This analysis was re-run at strategically important time intervals, allowing them to track changes over time and highlight relevant Patient successes or issues.


Results: This AI-assisted approach led to an 80% improvement in efficiency and provided longitudinal insights, decreasing manual bias and processing more data from diverse sources. It facilitated a deeper understanding of Patient experiences, enabling refined strategic decisions in the diabetes space and revealing new insights previously hidden by manual processes.



  • Drive internal efficiency
  • Decision making tool for evaluation and planning of medical affairs activities


Curious? Take Drug-GPT for a spin yourself – here 


About Us:

Talking Medicines is revolutionizing healthcare marketing by unlocking strategic intelligence within Conversational Data. Talking Medicines empowers Customers to gain the strategic advantage in analysis, measurement and enhanced brand equity through structuring Conversational Data. Leveraging the power of data science, our PatientMetRx® platform combines Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Large Language Models (LLMs), and human expertise to provide a comprehensive source of truth.



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