An AI interface that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of extracting intelligence from Conversational Data

An AI interface that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of extracting intelligence from Conversational Data

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Understanding Your Needs: Delivering Tailored Results

Efficiency & Effectiveness

The use of our AI driven solution built on ML, NLP and Advanced Data Science drives operational efficiency and effectiveness. Drug-GPT uses advanced multi-level sentiment, topic and opinion models to understand a 360° view on defined subpopulations. Used to gain an overview of an audience through data visualizations, text summaries and natural language answers in minutes rather than weeks.

80% Productivity Uplift

Our advanced AI and Data Science solutions can drive up to an 80% productivity uplift by automating the labor-intensive processes of extracting and analyzing unstructured conversational data, to generate actionable insights. This automation significantly reduces manual effort, empowering professionals to focus on strategic, more informed decision-making, enhancing overall productivity.

Healthcare Intelligence

Our pre-trained models are tailored to understand conversational health care data  with exceptional accuracy. We provide the ability to capture the nuances within conversations, providing comprehensive understanding from data that is securely saved within customer specified data vaults. Stay ahead. Get smarter faster.

Empowering your decisions from our AI Intelligence Process

Data Sources & Ingestion

Data Curation

Data Modelling

AI Generated Intelligence

Interactive Data Viz


Importing data from multiple sources into a single storage medium to be transformed and made accessible for curation.

The annotation, classification, feature extraction and contextualisation of data in preparation for analysis.

Defining and structuring relationships between data points, to create accurate and efficient representations of real-world conversations.

Actionable intelligence generated from our experts and proprietary sophisticated AI models analysing curated datasets.

Use of tools and processes to produce a visual representation of data, displayed through natural language interfaces.

Use of governance frameworks and quality standards to deliver excellence to customers efficiently and effectively.

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