July 30, 2021

Announcing sales partnership – Talking Medicines

Talking Medicines

Talking Medicines partners with Closing Delta to help pharma accelerate digital transformation

Data insights firm Talking Medicines, specialist in AI driven ‘social intelligence’ for the pharmaceutical industry, has formed a strategic partnership with digital transformation consultancy and advisory, Closing Delta, to help marketing teams accelerate their digital transformation plans.

The partnership will see Talking Medicines and Closing Delta bringing together deep social media insights into what patients are saying about their medicines with digital transformation consultancy and support.

The combined digital offering aims to improve the marketing performance of medicine brands, and improve patient outcomes, by providing marketing teams with a significantly enhanced understanding of the patient experience. 

Talking Medicine’s AI platform, PatientMetRx® will play a central role in the partnership.

PatientMetRx® offers a new way of listening to how patients are experiencing medicines in the real world and expressing the effectiveness of those medicines through a Patient Confidence Score. This unique measurement provides pharma marketers with actionable insights they can use to drive decisions.

Talking Medicines CEO, Jo Halliday, said: “Recent research has shown that COVID-19 has fast-forwarded digital transformation of the pharma industry by up to 5 years. Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry is crucial for improved patient care, cost-effectiveness, greater transparency, improved production, and drug development. But it is also crucial to pharma’s patient-centricity ambitions.

“Until now, pharma has lacked the ability to effectively listen to what patients are saying about their medicines online and make sense of all that data. We look forward to working closely with Gaurav and his team to support brands measure and transform patient experience through enhanced digital insights.”

Closing Delta was set up by Gaurav Sanganee, former ‘big pharma’ digital lead and thought leader, who has worked at both local and global level to deliver transformation projects that have helped pharmaceutical companies ‘unlock the digital divide’. Current clients include top 10 pharma companies across UK and in Europe,  healthcare consultancies and brand creative agencies.

Gaurav Sanganee, Managing Director and Founder of Closing Delta, said: “Patients are at the heart of all that pharma does, we sell medicines to improve patient outcomes but up until now we have never had that insight on a drug level as to what the patient thinks and feels. This technology has the ability to help bridge that divide and give us the insight that has been missing to help improve the outcomes for our patients.

“We spend so much time, effort and energy in getting things right in the marketing mix, brand plans, and areas such HCP liaison and materials. Let us spend that time and effort on better understanding patients. This sort of insight should be the backbone of all our patient experience improvement efforts, as that is what ultimately matters the most to all of us, lets understand the patient confidence score and get to work in improving it.”

For more information on Talking Medicines, please visit Talkingmedicines.com

For more information on PatientMetRx®, please visit PatientMetrx.com

For more information on Closing Delta, please visit closingdelta.com