February 29, 2024

Get ready for 2024 with AI and LLMs on Patient and HCP Data

Coming to the end of 2023, it’s time to reflect on how Advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence has redefined the data intelligence landscape. At Talking Medicines, we have created solutions that make sense of unstructured real-world Conversational Data across authors including Patients, HCPs and Opinion Leaders. In this issue we will be talking about how Talking Medicines are addressing this opportunity through the platform PatientMetRx® and sharing key highlights that have made 2023 special. Make sure to book time with us to find out more – Book your session in here.

As Talking Medicines reflects on our journey through the defining moments of 2023, we extend an invitation to embrace fresh perspectives for the New Year. Meet the Talking Medicines Founding team and discover how our vision aligns with the Healthcare Marketing industry in 2024. Join us for an exclusive LinkedIn Live panel in January, where the Founders from Talking Medicines share insights into the upcoming year—discussing the landscape of Advanced Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models, and exploring their transformative impact for Healthcare Marketing Agencies.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Explore how the curation of Conversational Data through Advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence aids healthcare marketing by providing actionable intelligence, guiding strategic decision-making.
  2. Understand how Talking Medicines approaches Artificial Intelligence from an ethical perspective.
  3. Hear use cases that have harnessed the power of Advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to drive impact where Healthcare Marketing Agencies are driving both efficiency and effectiveness of strategic campaigns and market activities.

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Innovation through Data Science

We are proud of how we have enabled Healthcare Marketing Agencies to drive both efficiency and effectiveness in 2023. Highlights have included the new features that have been launched on the PatientMetRx® platform. This includes the launch of Drug-GPT™ as well as our Advanced Behavioral Tracking Model (III™).


The Launch of Drug-GPT™

Our pioneering solution Drug-GPT™ offers a new dimension to understanding curated data. It has been built for purpose in Healthcare to interact exclusively with curated data. Drug-GPT™ offers a trusted source of truth based on the curation of Conversational Data from Customers and social sources. Drug-GPT™ has enabled customers to interact quickly and easily with curated data through natural language questions. Both Drug-GPT™ Summarization and Q&A solutions have been popular with Customers in achieving an 80% improvement in time efficiency vs manual curation. Learn More

The Launch of Advanced Behavioral Tracking (III™)

Earlier this year we launched a new data science solution that enables Advanced Behavioral Tracking of brand messaging against Conversational Data from Patient, HCPs and Opinion Leaders. Customers have benefitted from quantitative tracking of behaviors during brand campaigns, medical conferences and for speaker bureau evaluation. Advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence have much to offer in brand measurement of behaviors against messaging. Learn More


Scientific Publications

Talking Medicines have worked hard to publish two scientific publications. Congratulations to our authors and please take the time to check out these publications.

Comparative Analysis of Drug-GPT™ and ChatGPT LLMs for Healthcare Insights: Evaluating Accuracy and Relevance in Patient and HCP Contexts

Authors: Giorgos LysandrouRoma English OwenKirsty MursecGrant Le BrunElizabeth A. L. Fairley

Abstract: This study presents a comparative analysis of three Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) solutions in a question and answer (Q&A) setting: Drug-GPT 3, Drug-GPT 4, and ChatGPT, in the context of healthcare applications. The objective is to determine which model delivers the most accurate and relevant information in response to prompts related to patient experiences. Read more.

Classifying patient voice in social media data using neural networks: A comparison of AI models on different data sources and therapeutic domains

Authors: Giorgos LysandrouRoma English OwenVanja PopovicGrant Le BrunBeatrice AlexElizabeth A. L. Fairley

Abstract: It is essential that healthcare professionals and members of the healthcare community can access and easily understand patient experiences in the real world, so that care standards can be improved and driven towards personalised drug treatment. Read more. 


We are honored to have received notable awards in 2023, recognizing our commitment to excellence and innovation. These achievements inspire us to continually push boundaries and maintain our high standards in delivering Advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

PM360 Elite 100 

Bold red "ELITE 2023" letters on black background with silhouettes of buildings, including Empire State Building.

Our Founder and Chief Operating and Data Officer, Elizabeth Fairley was recognized as part of the prestigious PM360 Elite 100 Awards within the Data Miner category for her outstanding contributions in the field of Data. Out of a pool of 500 applicants, Elizabeth’s exceptional work in data mining has set her apart as a leader in the field. Read more about her dynamic journey to become an PM360 Elite 100 here.

PM360 Trailblazer Awards 

Talking Medicines was been recognized as the Gold Winner in the Artificial Intelligence/Data Analytics Initiative for ‘The Perfect Marriage of Curated Data + Specialized Large Language Model in Drug-GPT™ at the prestigious PM360 Trailblazer Awards 2023. Since 2009, the PM360 Trailblazer Awards have celebrated outstanding achievement and innovation in Healthcare Marketing. The awards are judged by the PM360 Editorial Advisory Board, a distinguished group of industry experts, who evaluate initiatives in 18 distinct categories based on content, format, success in reaching the target audience, and overall quality. Read more about our journey to winning this award here



We look forward to working with you in 2024, please get in touch to book a call. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.