Use Cases:

AI Intelligence to Inform Agency Creative through Drug-GPT’ s Audience Analyzer

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At a Glance


  • Unable to uncover fresh insights about type II inflammation from both Patients & HCPs
  • Effectively tailoring messaging to diverse audiences


  • Uncovered novel insights into type II inflammation perceptions among Patients & HCPs
  • Identified language variations between Patients & HCPS
  • Informed a targeted campaign strategy for Brand X, enhancing engagement and resonance

Customer Objective

Healthcare Advertising Agency A wanted to use Healthcare Professional (HCP) data they had collected from various sources to uncover novel insights and compare the terminology used by Patients and HCP in relation to type II inflammation.


Use Drug-GPT to leverage the Healthcare Advertising Agency’s HCP data (closed community and client market research data) and Patient data (open-source social data, client market research data) to enable the Customer to access secure, curated intelligence about type II Inflammation, Drug X and it’s corresponding market basket.


Customer used the curated intelligence within the Drug-GPT data vault created specifically around type II inflammation. Customer accessed intelligence through exploring the answers to pre-set questions and interrogated the curated data through natural language questions which informed the development of effective, empathy driven and personalized creative content.


Customer was able to….

  • Able to uncover novel insights.

  • Able to unlock intelligence that demonstrated the differences between Patient and HCP language. It was found that Patients have a low awareness of whether they have type II inflammation. This informed the creative teams that the campaign needed to focus on the terms that Patients use: ”flare ups” ”steroids” “severe wheeziness” “consultant visits”, not on “type II inflammation” as was originally planned. The intelligence informed the resulting campaign for Brand X.

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