Use Cases:

Message Analysis for Conference Discussions and Real-world Conversations

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At a Glance


  • Time for manual analysis of conference topics
  • Time for manual analysis of related real-world conversations
  • Manual agreement between social conversations and conference publications was binary


  • Quickly identify trends at the conference compared to external conversations
  • Assess alignment between conference messages and various audiences (Patients/HCPs)
  • Measure agreement to track share of voice over time
  • Generate measurement from one data source for comparison with others

Customer Objective

Leading Pharma Data Analytics Company A were manually trying to understand whether a major US oncology conference impacted the volume of conversations about relevant topics and medicines and the agreement between what was being published at the conference versus what was being spoken about on social media.


The Pharma Data Analytics Company A struggled to quickly identify key medicines and topics at a major conference and how these discussions aligned with external, real-world conversations. They aimed to assess alignment, identify strategic gaps, and opportunities using Drug-GPT.


The Agency was able to answer their specific questions in relation to measurement & alignment using Drug-GPT.

  • Rapidly structured information from conference abstracts.
  • Measured message agreement between conference topicsand real-world conversations.

Drug-GPT enabled quick identification of trending topics at the conference and externally, evaluated message resonance with diverse audiences, tracked share of voice over time, and facilitated robust comparisons between different data sources. This enhanced strategic decision-making and planning.

Drug-GPT provides unparalleled insights into understanding your audience and their needs.

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