July 20, 2022

Putting our customers first at Talking Medicines

At Talking Medicines, putting our customers first is a key principle in the development of our PatientMetRx® data platform which aims to power up the pitches of pharma marketing agencies while improving the lives of patients taking prescription medications.

Being a customer-first company can be defined very simply – putting the customer at the heart of everything that you do and prioritising them in every decision that you make.

So why is customer-centricity so important to Talking Medicines and how we do it?

The pharmaceutical marketing sector spends billions every year without really knowing whether it’s having an impact. In order to address this problem, using advanced technologies and our industry expertise, we created the PatientMetRx® data platform, which provides science-based insights into the experiences of patients taking prescription medicines, while cutting through the noise on social platforms.

Within this business model, knowing what our customers want and need is just as important as understanding the patient experience. This duality is key to our founding principle of offering ‘data for good’ – providng healthcare marketers with quality data-based insights to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and ultimately improve health outcomes for patients.

Central to our customer-first approach has been our commitment to develop the platform in collaboration with customers and partners in the healthcare marketing sector, listening to feedback and acting upon that feedback.

For example, by listening to our customers, we found that there was demand for a feed page of customer insights to be included on our PatientMetRx® platform. In response to this, we created the Patient Feed™, which allows for patient opinions to be viewed in a quick and systematic manner in a single scrolling feed – as simple as scrolling through a social media news feed.

This close collaboration with our customers has allowed us to develop a dashboard and user interface that adapts to our customers’ needs. Working with advertising agencies, for example, we can populate their dashboards with the brands they are working on for a pitch, alongside competitor brands, to derive meaningful insights which can give them an edge.  

Of course, being customer-first isn’t just about listening and acting. It’s also about delivering real tangible benefits. And one of the many advantages of our PatientMetRx® platform is the amount of time that it saves pharma marketing agencies in trying to source quality patient insights. We are the first and only company to have developed a method to isolate the patient voice at scale – insights that can take pharma marketing agencies hours to uncover themselves can be accessed instantly from our platform. This saves our agency customers time and money, while providing them with pharma-grade intelligence to help them win pitches and differentiate themselves from competitors. As a result, our data goes on to improve the lives of patients during their healthcare journey!

As we continue scaling up our business and developing the breadth and depth of our data capabilities, customers will remain at the very heart of our proposition.  Only by understanding our customers’ needs can we provide rich and meaningful insights into the patient experience, and ultimately deliver against our founding principle of being a ‘data for good’ company.


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