January 4, 2017

Talking Medicines on BBC News!

Digital Healthcare

Talking Medicines have been featured on BBC News – 4/1/17 – as an innovative Scottish digital healthcare company who have a simple digital solution to the increasing issues faced by patients on prescription medications.


Presenter Reevel Alderson of BBC Scotland outlined:

  • It is estimated 50% of people prescribed medicine by their health professional don’t take them at the right time or in the right way
  • Nationally that costs the NHS £300Million per year
  • Failing to take medication properly can lead to repeat GP visits or even a trip to A&E and this has spiralling associated costs


Dr Scott Crae MRCVS of Talking Medicines outlined that health professionals are under increasing pressure, and we can help patients look after themselves better using the new App designed by digital healthcare company Talking Medicines. The medication reminder app will help patients understand their medicines better through simple instructions and animations on how and when to take their medications.  By scanning the barcode on a medicine packet the patient is led to trusted information about their medicine.


Community Pharmacists Monica Farrelly, featured in the broadcast, said that it is vital in conditions such as Diabetes, Mental Health and Asthma that medications are administered correctly.  It is not just forgetful older people that Medsmart is aimed at but also the younger generation who have busy lives and are high users of smart phones. Information gathered by the App will help Pharma Companies understand how medicines are used in the real world.


The free App called Medsmart is currently in early use by a closed group of patients and will be released on iOS and Android within the next few months across the UK.